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The inventors of this petant are Velander; William H. (Lincoln,NE), Van Cott; Kevin E. (Lincoln, NE), Van Tassell; Roger (Blacksburg, VA) .The relevant information about this patent can be obtained from the following link of the united satates patent. United States Patent No.5,977,345


Relating to chromatographic processes and ion-exchange and affinity matrices, a spatial installation method for a bifunctional reagent that crosslinks and/or activates a polymer matrix is disclosed, with inside-outside installation of a bifunctional reagent on and within a polymer matrix. The polymer matrix is cellulose, agarose, or chitosan particles. The installation may be followed by inside-outside ligand attachment, by further reacting the matrix with a ligand or ionic group so that a higher concentration of ligand or ionic moiety occurs on the intra-particle volume than the outer matrix surface.