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The Inventors of this patent are Arunava Gupta, Valley Cottage, NY (US); Ravi Saraf, Briarcliff Manor, NY (US) The relevant information about this patent can be obtained from the website. United States Patent No.6,552,339 B1


A goniometer for performing scanning probe microscopy on a substrate surface is disclosed. The goniometer has a cantilever, having a cantilevered end and a supported end and a tip disposed at the cantilevered end of the cantilever. The goniometer also has a block disposed at the supported end of the cantilever. The block has at least one pair of piezoelectric layers, a pair of electrodes disposed about each individual piezoelectric layer such that varying a potential difference applied between the individual electrodes of a pair of electrodes causes the corresponding piezoelectric layer to deform, and a first insulating material disposed between the individual electrodes for -insulating the individual electrodes from each other. The individual piezoelectric layers are deformed at different rates resulting in a deformity of the block and tilting of the cantilever and tip connected therewith. Also disclosed are methods of using the goniometer of the present invention to measure the interactive forces between two molecular structures using a scanning probe microscope equipped with a goniometer of the present invention.