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Acta Cryst. (2022). B78


Copyright © 2022 the authors. Published by International Union of Crystallography & Wiley. Used by permission.


A modulated structure derived from the inverse Heusler phase (the XA-type and the disordered variant L21B-type) has been observed in rapidly quenched Mn2RuSn ribbons. The powder X-ray diffraction pattern of the quenched ribbons can be indexed as an L21B-type structure. Electron diffraction patterns of the new structure mostly resemble those of the XA-type (and the disordered variant L21B-type) structure and additional reflections with denser spacing indicate a long periodicity. Orthogonal domains of the modulated structure were revealed by a selected-area electron diffraction pattern and the corresponding dark-field transmission electron microscopy images. The structure was further studied by the crystallographic analysis of high-resolution transmission electron microscopy images. A model for the modulated structure has been proposed to interpret the experimental results.