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January 2000


Published in 2000 Nebraska Swine Report, compiled by Rodger Johnson, Professor, Department of Animal Science. Prepared by the staff in Animal Science and cooperating Departments for use in Extension, Teaching and Research programs. Published by Cooperative Extension Division, Agricultural Research Division, and Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
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Pubertal Response in Gilts to Type and Frequency of Boar Exposure and as Influenced by Genetic Line and Age at Initiation of Boar Contact
Candidate Reproductive Genes Do Not Explain Responses in Lines Selected for Ovulation Rate and Litter Size
The Effect of Oxytocin at the Time of Insemination on Reproductive Performance — A Review
Extruded-Expelled Soybean Meal for Pigs
The Effects of Dietary Feather Meal Concentration and Space Allocation on Performance and Carcass Characteristics of Barrows
A Review of the Ammonia Issue and Pork Production
Nitrogen Balance and Growth Trials With Pigs Fed Low-Crude Protein, Amino Acid-Supplemented Diets
The Use of Plasma Urea as an Indicator of Protein Status in Growing-Finishing Pigs
The Effects of Compensatory Growth and Form of Amino Acid Supply on Plasma Urea Concentration, Organ Weights, and Carcass Characteristics in Gilts
The Investigation of Betaine as a Growth Promotor and/or Carcass Modifier and the Efficacy of Betaine to Replace Methionine in Finishing Diets
Effect of Wean-to-Finish Management on Pig Performance
Acylation Stimulating Protein: A Potential Regulator of Fat Synthesis
Duration of PRRS Virus Infections and Proportion of Persistently Infected Pigs
Nebraska Competitive Livestock Marketing Act
District Court Rules in Progress Pig Case
Explanation of Statistics Used in This Report