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Published in 2000 Nebraska Swine Report, compiled by Rodger Johnson, Professor, Department of Animal Science. Prepared by the staff in Animal Science and cooperating Departments for use in Extension, Teaching and Research programs. Published by Cooperative Extension Division, Agricultural Research Division, and Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
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LB835, the Nebraska Competitive Livestock Marketing Act, was adopted in 1999. The act regulates marketing and livestock ownership for packers slaughtering 150,000 or more animal units per year (150,000 steers, 350,000 calves up to 450 pounds, or 750,000 hogs). The act regulates packer livestock ownership, hog and cattle purchases and contracts, and livestock price reporting. The restrictions differ between hog and cattle purchases, but the price-reporting requirements are the same in both cases. Price-reporting requirements go into effect Feb. 15, 2000. There is some disagreement regarding when other provisions of the act take effect. LB835 took effect May 27, 1999. A copy of the law is available from your county extension office. Ask for publication NF99-401.