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Date of this Version

January 2006


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Table of Contents
Production Management
• Impact of Repeated Out-of-Feed Events and Fineness of Grind on Grow-Finish Performance
• The Case Against Evening-Up Litters Until Weaning
• Patterns of Drinking Water Use in Pork Production Facilities

Business Management
• Producers' Management

Odor Issues
• Odor Footprint Tool Progress: Regional Output Resources

• Freezing Swine Embryos: Do Success Rates Differ Between Breeds?
• Regulation of Pituitary Gene Expression in Lines of Swine with Different Ovulation Rates

• Effect of Diet and Sire Line on Crow-Finish Performance
• Effects of Feeding Increased Levels of Vitamin B12 to Weaning Pigs
• Effects of Nutrition During Gilt Development on Lifetime Productivity of Sows of Two Prolific Maternal Lines: Growth and Puberty Characteristics of Rep 1 Gilts
• Effect of Low-Protein Non-Amino Add Supplemented Diet and Ractopamine (Paylean®) on Growth Performance and Serum Urea Concentration of Late-Finishing Pigs
• Effect of Dietary Crude Protein Versus Crystalline Amino Adds on Growth Performance, Serum Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 Concentration, and IGF-I mRNA Expression in Growing-Finishing Gilts

• Genes Expressed in Response to PRRSV

Issued January 2006