The Dairy Plant/Store serves several purposes: 1. To provide experience and jobs for Food Science and related students. 2. To provide equipment and facilities for class projects and labs, as teaching facilities. 3. To provide equipment and facilities for research projects involving dairy products and to solve problems within the Dairy Industry. 4. To provide ice cream and cheese to the general public, using premium ingredients while keeping prices low. Stopping at the Store has become a tradition in many families, as well as giving our Gift Boxes at Christmas time. We also sell items made in the Animal Science Meat Lab, and some convenience items as well as hoagie sandwiches and nachos. We offer a rotation of daily specials and a constantly changing selection of ice creams. The Dairy Plant is now a part of the Food Processing Center and has the same goals: to assist food processing business in Nebraska and to promote the idea of value added products in our economy.