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Newsletter of the Association for Documentary Editing, Volume 2, Number 2, May 1980. ISSN 0196-7134


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The Laurens Papers will publish its last traditional, hot type volume about fifteen months from now. With the publication of volume 9 in February 1981, the project will have completed an almost comprehensive edition of Lauren's papers prior to the Revolution. Yet these nine volumes contain only one-third of the Laurens papers. Another eight thousand· documents remain to be published. The initial publication plan developed in the 1960s called for a series of highly selected volumes to cover the Revolution and later periods. However, the importance of those materials led to a revised publication plan calling for six . printed volumes and a yet to be determined number of microfiche. We plan to complete the publication of those eight thousand· documents in about the same length of time it took to publish the first nine volumes - about ten years. What makes the new publication format and schedule feasible is the computer, or to be more accurate, the series of computers that we will harness for our needs. Our basic objective is