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Moravian documents from Springplace, in particular the Gambold Springplace Diary, serve as examples of distinctiveness. The two-volume edition, The Moravian Springplace Mission to the Cherokees, 2 volumes, 7805-7873, and 7874-7827, now in press at the University of Nebraska Press, is evidence of just how intense times were for the Cherokees and their sojourners, the Moravians, who recorded those encounters almost daily for seventeen years.13 The first volume extends from 1805 to the beginning of the Creek War (1813); the second volume encompasses the following years, 1814-21. These diaries are, handwritten in German script, for the most part transcribed and translated from approximately 1,490 pages. In editing and translating the Gambold Diary, I felt duty bound to the principal diarist, Anna Rosina Gambold, to remain as close to the era and region as she understood her time and space.