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Documentary Editing, Volume 23, Number 4, December 2001.

ISSN 2476-1796 (electronic); ISSN 2167-1451 (print)


2001 © the Association for Documentary Editing. Used by permission.


At the end of October, the ADE Council learned that the agenda for the November 13 meeting of Commissioners of the National Historical Publications and Records Commission would include a plan for ranking ongoing NHPRC-funded editorial projects with an eye for possible curtailment of funds. Such a plan would have gone into effect only in case of financial emergency, and it would have applied only to the "second tier" of projects whose grant applications are considered in the spring, not the "first tier" Founding Fathers editions. Even so, the Council felt it wise to put the Association for Documentary Editing on record as opposing this measure, and the following covering letter and resolutions were approved and sent to NHPRC Commission Chair John W. Carlin on November 8, over the signature of ADE President Mary-Jo Kline.