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Documentary Editing: Journal of the Association for Documentary Editing, Volume 30, Numbers 1 & 2: 2008 ISSN 0196-7134


© 2008 The Association for Documentary Editing. Used by permission.


Spring and Summer 2008, Volume 30, Numbers 1 & 2

  • If You Have to Explain It, Is it Still Funny?, Beth Luey
  • Humor and Its Hazards: Editing The Papers of Will Rogers, Steven K. Gragert
  • Yet Another George Washington Website: The Digital Edition and the Future of Documentary Editing, Jennifer E. Stertzer
  • Long before the NHPRC: Documentary Editing and Nineteenth-Century Virginia, Brent Tarter
  • Balancing Public and Private Lives in the Letters of Lucretia Coffin Mott and Florence Kelly, Beverly Wilson Palmer
  • Founding Fathers and the Senate, Charlene Bickford
  • The Risks of a Mammoth Edition: The Example of The Complete Letters of Henry James, Kevin J. Hayes
  • The Pitfalls of Digital History, David Spiech
  • A Place in the Sun: The Selected Papers of Margaret Sanger, Volume 2, Jimmy Wilkinson Meyer
  • Recent Editions, compiled by Linnéa Caproni