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Documentary Editing, Volume 21, Number 2, June 1999.

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We were all younger then, and at thirty I guess I was younger and I certainly had done far less than most of the people gathered in a hotel room in St. Louis to establish the Association for Documentary Editing. I'm quite certain that I didn't say anything- for although I was strongly committed to documentary editing, the Southern Historical Association was meeting at the now-demolished hotel near Forest Park, and on the previous afternoon I had presented my first paper to a professional historical meeting. Linda Grant DePauw had commented, Merrill Peterson had chaired, and I was grateful not only to have survived but to have won a few words of praise. At the initial meeting of the ADE, I found myself once again in the company of important historians whose names I held in awe, as well as terribly impressive literary scholars talking of "CSE standards" and "vetting" and other wondrous things.