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The minimum unambiguous citation for this manual FM 30-16, 1972.


The copy digitized was loaned to the UNL Libraries by the Alfred M. Gray Marine Corps Research Center, Quantico, VA 22134-5107.

This manual superseded FM 30-16, 28 February 1969.

Because the army reuses manual titles and manual numbers the date of the manual must be included in order to unambiguously identify any given manual.


This manual reflects the lessons learned about technical intelligence during World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. The manual explains the theory of Army technical intelligence and describes strategic technical intelligence organizations in the United States.

Much of the manual explains technical intelligence activities of US forces in the field. It explains technical intelligence planning and collection activities. The need to label and handle captured equipment properly is stressed.

Appendices list references and technical intelligence categories, provide a sample technical intelligence plan, and explain handling and reporting of captured materiel and the standard nomenclature system for identifying Soviet bloc weapons and equipment.