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The minimum unambiguous citation for this manual is FM 5-30, 1959.


  • This document was digitized by NATO-Russia Archive. It is included here to bring it together with other Army Technical Intelligence Documents.
  • This manual was superceded by FM 5-30, 22 September 1967 which is available in the Digital Commons at:


Since the army reuses manual numbers and titles, the date must be included to unambiguously any given manual.


When this manual was issued, military intelligence in the US armed forces was highly decentralized. A number of organizations within the Army Corps of Engineers were responsible for producing engineer intelligence for US forces in the field and strategic engineer intelligence for use by the Department of Defense and US armed forces.

This detailed manual defines the engineer intelligence at length. It explains the role of the Corps of Engineers in the United States and of engineer elements within US forces in the field.

It explains the intelligence process, the planning and direction of collection efforts, the collection of information, and the production of finished intelligence.