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This “Chronology of Medical Intelligence” lists the chiefs of the Army medical intelligence effort and the designations of the medical intelligence organization.

Interestingly, the first heads of the effort Captain Tom F. Whayne, MC, USA, and LTC Gaylord W. Anderson, MC, AUS, participated in the preparation of the official history of Medical Intelligence during World War II. SEE: Gaylord Anderson, MD, "Medical Intelligence" IN: Preventive Medicine in World War II. Vol IV, Special Fields, ed. COL Robert S. Anderson, MC, USA and Ebbe Curtis Hoff, PhD, MD (Washington DC, Department of the Army, 1969).

Dr. Arthur Turner, a civilian, was the chief or assistant chief of the medical intelligence from the mid40s into the 1960s.

On 3 March 1963, the Medical Information and Intelligence Agency was absorbed by the newly created Defense Intelligence Agency, and the Surgeon General established a Medical Intelligence Coordination Office in his staff.

The chronology ends with the creation of the Medical Intelligence and Information Agency subordinate to the Surgeon General in 1973.