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This is a single page showing summary information about the evolution of the Armed Forces Medical Intelligence Center (AFMIC).

The summary describes the pre1963 army medical intelligence organization as the “...Army Medical Intelligence Office Under SG.” Actually, the organization went by a number of names. During World War II and the early 1950s, it had been a section in the Office of the Surgeon General in the Army headquarters. In the mid1950s, it was organized as a special purpose intelligence agency, the US Army Medical Information and Intelligence Agency (MIIA), subordinate to the Surgeon General.

In 1962, MIIA was absorbed into the Defense Intelligence Agency.

In 1973, the medical intelligence mission was returned to the Army. A new Medical Intelligence and Information Agency (MIIA) subordinate to the Surgeon General was organized.

In 1982, the MIIA was reconstituted as the AFMIC, a tri-service agency under the management of the Surgeon General, US Army.

In 1992, the Defense Intelligence Agency assumed command of the Armed Forces Medical Intelligence Center.


Brief History of AFMIC (Total Manpower) from WWI/ (33) to 1992 (82)

U.S. Army Medical Intelligence Office Under SG

DLA Assumes GMI Medical Intelligence Mission

Army SG Continues to Perfonn Medical S&TI

DLA has RIF: Medical Intelligence Division Abolished

Army SG Assumes Entire Medical Intelligence Mission

USAMIIA Fonned (Located at ForrestaJ Buildng)

USAMIIA Move to Fort Detrick (Building 862)

Congress Eliminates All Funding for USAMIlA

DIAlGDIP Program Manager Appeals

Congress Allows Re-establishment of USAMIlA

- Must be Tri-Service

- Must be an Intelligence Activity

Tri-Service AFMIC Established

Anny (DCSINT and SG) Executive Agent

New Building on Fort Detrick

First Non-Army Director

AFMIC becomes "DLA Field Production Center"