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The minimum unambiguous citation for an Army Field Manual must include the year the manual was issued. For example, this manual can be cited as FM 11-35, 1942.


This is a digital copy of a xerographic copy of the printed manual. Apparently, Pages 35-38 were not copied. The manual was delivered to Professor Bolin by the Army Center of Military History on 11 October 1985.

The manual was marked RESTRICTED when it was issued. Later it was regraded CONFIDENTIAL. In the 1970s, it was declassified.


This manual describes the intelligence activities of the Signal Corps. At that time, the Signal Corps was a bureau within the Headquarters, Department of the Army, as well as a branch of the Army to which soldiers were commissioned and assigned. The Signal Corps developed and supplied the army with signal and photographic equipment, trained personnel and units for service with the forces in the field, provided the army with communications and photographic services, and provided communications, signal, and technical intelligence. This manual describes the intelligence responsibilities and functions of the Signal Corps and the role of signal intelligence units with forces in the field.

Chapter 2 (Pages 4-25) describes the activities of the Signal Intelligence Service, the predecessor of the post-war Army Security Agency and the National Security Agency.