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Tenants of Arlington Hall Station, Fiscal Year 1958.

Note: This document was supplied to Robert Bolin by the command historian of the US Army Intelligence and Security Command in 1985.


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This is a single-page, typewritten document listing new tenants which moved to Arlington Hall Station (AHS) in 1958. It was prepared by the AHS garrison.

In the 1950s, Army technical intelligence production activities were divided among the seven Army Technical Services the Chemical Corps, the Corps of Engineers, the Ordnance Corps, the Quartermaster Corps, the Signal Corps, the Army Medical Services, and the Transportation Corps. In 1958, an effort was made to improve coordination among technical intelligence agencies by collocating them at Arlington Hall Station which had been the home of various Army intelligence organizations since World War II.

This document shows that five of technical intelligence agencies moved including:

the US Army Chemical Corps Intelligence Agency,
the US Army Ordnance Intelligence Agency,
the US Army Medical Information and Intelligence Agency,
The US Army Signal Intelligence Agency, and
the Army Transportation Intelligence Agency

The information about the space occupied on the list makes it possible to compare the relative sizes of those agencies in 1958.