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This section, “Statistical Division,” was found on pages 125-127 of the history which is available in the USACE Digital Library on the Web at:


USACE stands for US Army Corps of Engineers.


The “Foreign Ports Branch” of the Statistical Division of the Board of Engineers for Rivers and Harbors (BERH) was one of a number of small technical intelligence organizations within the Army Corps of Engineeers. The BERH was an agency within the Corps of Engineers performing civil functions concerning water resources functions. Its history and functions are described ably in this history.

The Foreign Ports Branch was established in August 1942 to prepare reports on foreign ports for use by the US Armed Forces. The BEHR was given this function because its personnel had long experience in preparing similar reports on US harbors. The branch expanded during World War II. It provided reports on thousands of facilities with maps and photographs in support of planning activities of the US armed forces.

The Foreign Ports Branch continued until 1962 until its personnel, functions, and resources were absorbed by the newly created US Army Area Analysis Intelligence Agency.