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  1. FM 30-16, 1966, superseded FM 30-16, 12 June 1961.
  2. This document includes Change 1 to FM 30-16, Technical Intelligence, 15 June 1967.
  3. Since the Army often reuses documents numbers and title, it is essential to include the publication date when identifying a particular document.


This is the first edition of FM 30-16, Technical Intelligence, since the massive reorganization of Army intelligence in 1962. The Army Intelligence Production Elements discussed include the Army Foreign Science and Technology Center and the Missile Intelligence Directorate of the Army Missile Command. In Change 1, the Medical Intelligence Office within the Office of The Surgeon General is discussed as well.

The manual explains the Army Technical Intelligence program, discusses procedures for collecting foreign materiel and information about foreign materiel in the field, and the responsibilities of the Army Intelligence Production Elements and the Defense Intelligence Agency in the continental USA.