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In 1958, geographic intelligence in the US Armed Forces was decentralized. US Army Corps of Engineers was primarily responsible for creation of military intelligence concerning the surface of the earth excluding the oceans and seas for the armed forces of the United States. The Beach Erosion Board, originally an agency performing civil functions, had been preparing coast and beach intelligence since early in World War II. Engineer intelligence guides were issued to provide guidance concerning collection, processing, production, and dissemination of geographic intelligence to elements of the Corps of Engineers.

This Engineer Intelligence Guide contains a definition of Coast and Beach Intelligence and outlines collection and responsibilities for it production.

It discusses the relationship between coast and beach intelligence and amphibious operations and important terrain features in the vicinity of beaches. It discusses the information required to produce good coast and beach intelligence

This guide provides extensive illustrations of how photography can be used in the collection of information required to product of coast and beach intelligence and explains how collection work should be done in the field including beach inspection and ground photography checklists.

This guide contains a thorough glossary of terms related to beaches and coasts.

The distribution list at the end lists US Army engineer installations and officials interested in coast and beach intelligence around the world.