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B-147-63, June 1963


The document digitized was loaned to the University of Nebraska Libraries by The US Army Engineer Library.

The title page states that the document was “Printed by the Army Map Service for the Defense Intelligence Agency, Production Center. “ It gives the publication date as December 1962.

After the document number on the title page is the note “(Formerly EIG-40).” The Engineer Intelligence Guides were a series of publications from the Chief of Engineers for “dissemination of intelligence collection, processing, production, and dissemination guidance … to pertinent elements of the Corps of Engineers” when the Army Corps of Engineers was responsible for producing military intelligence concerning the service of the earth, excluding oceans and seas, for the US armed forces. This document was published by the Defense Intelligence Agency after it had assumed intelligence functions from the Corps of Engineers.

When this digital document was copied, blank pages were omitted. Since the designers of this guide made extensive use of blank pages and of double pages with a single number on the page, numbering may appear erratic.

An unnumbered and undated carbon-paper draft of this guide is available in the US Army Engineer Research and Development Center Research Library. That draft anticipates publication of this document as an Engineer Intelligence Guide. That draft is virtually identical to the published document except for the cover, title page, and preface. A 10 page appendix was added to the published document. The cover, title page, preface, abstract, and table of contents and list of tables as well as the cover letter will be made available as a digital document in the UNL Digital Commons shortly.

The distribution list in the published document was “for EIG 40.” It contains a lengthy distribution list of officials and organizations within the Army interested in military engineering as well as distribution within the Defense Intelligence Agency.


This guide contains detailed instructions for computing the outflow from breached dams supplemented by extensive tables and charts. The preface state that the document “contains intelligence which is not readily available through other media required for the accomplishment of the assigned mission of the Production Center and of interest to other agencies.