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The document digitized was borrowed from the Engineer Research and Development Center Research Library, Vicksburg, Mississippi.

Actually this document was undated. The date is taken from the cover letter accompanying it.

This document is a carbon-paper copy sent to the Engineer Waterways Experiment Station, Vicksburg, Mississippi, by the Office of the Chief of Engineers. It is accompanied with a cover letter and the endorsement prepared by the Experiment Station. The distribution list of the draft was to “…be determined later.”

The text of this draft was later published by the Defense Intelligence Agency as:

B-147-63, Computation of Outflow from Breached Dams, 1963.

A digital copy of that document is available in the UNL Digital Commons as:


Since the cover letter and its endorsement are photostatic copies of a carbon paper copies, Bob Bolin has transcribed them.

Since the published version of this document is virtually identical to the carbon paper draft, only the cover letter, its endorsement, the title page, the preface, the abstract, the table of contents, and list of plates have been digitized here.


This document is interesting because it was written as an engineer intelligence guide when the Corps of Engineers when he was responsible for intelligence concerning the surface of the earth, excluding the oceans and seas, and published later by the Defense Intelligence Agency when it had assumed those responsibilities.