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The minimum unambiguous citation for this manual is:

FM 30-10, 1972


The copy digitized was borrowed from the Marine Corps, Gray Research Center at Quantico, VA.

This manual superseded FM 30-10, 24 October 1967.

Because the Army reuses titles and manual numbers, the date must be included in the citation of any given manual.


This is a lengthy, detailed manual concerning geographic intelligence. It contains definitions of geographic intelligence and explains the uses of geographic intelligence and responsibilities for it. It contains numerous photographs and graphics.

The manual contains detailed discussions of terrain, natural conditions, and cultural features as well as specialized features like infrastructure, communications, transportation, and industrial facilities. It contains chapters on:

  • Climate and Weather
  • Natural Terrain
  • Tactical Consideration
  • Transportation
  • Telecommunications
  • Urban Areas
  • Rural Areas and Resources
  • Recognition of Industrial Facilities, and
  • Terrain Studies

Enclosed with the manual is a large sheet containing 12 page-size maps concerning geography-related topics. The sheet is folded so that the right-hand map in the top row of maps is visible. At the head of the map showing are the words “Appendix N. Topical and Evaluative Map Samples.” The sheet enclosed is curious since it is not mentioned in the Table of Content or the Index. The only appendix listed in the Table of Contents is Appendix A, References.