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The minimum unambiguous citation for this manual is: FM 8-10-8, July 1989.


The manual digitized here was supplied to the University of Nebraska-Libraries by the National Defense University Libraries, Washington, DC.

Apparently, this is the first medical intelligence manual since, Special Text, ST 8-30-1, Medical Intelligence, 1951. That text is available in the UNL Libraries Digital Commons at:


Since the Army reuses both manual numbers and titles for its manuals, the date must be included to unambiguously identify a manual.


This manual explains the importance of medical intelligence in planning and execution of military operations. It describes the responsibilities of medical and intelligence staffs and personnel at each echelon especially within a US military command in the field. It explains the role and functions of the Armed Forces Medical Intelligence Center which provides “medical scientific and technical intelligence and general medical intelligence” for the US Armed Forces.

The manual explains procedures used to report intelligence information and to request intelligence reports as well as the forms used for those purposes.

The references anticipated the publication of an overdue updated to the Army’s technical intelligence field manual which was published in April 1990. That text is available in the UNL Libraries Digital Commons at: