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DoD6420.1-R, Organization and Functions of the Armed Forces Medical Intelligence Center (AFMIC), April 1986.


The document digitized was supplied to the depositor by the AFMIC in 1987.


This is the charter for a national-level medical intelligence agency. Specifically, the AFMC was a joint agency of the Military Departments … under the management of the Secretary of the Army…” This directive spells out the mission, functions, responsibilities, and management of the center. An Interdepartmental Advisory Panel (IAP) made recommendations to the Secretary of the Army concerning the director and officers serving at the AFMIC.

The directive contains a lengthy list of acronyms and detailed definitions.

The directive discusses close cooperation with Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia through a Quadripartite Medical Intelligence Committee (QMIC) headquartered in Washington, DC.

AFMIC had been formed from the Army Medical Intelligence and Information Center which had been producing medical intelligence for the Armed Forces since the beginning of World War II.