Department of Educational Psychology


Date of this Version

May 1998


Published in School Psychology Quarterly, 13:4 (1998), pp. 281–309. Copyright © 1998 American Psychological Association. Used by permission.


The effects of conjoint behavioral consultation (CBC) and a structured homework program on math homework completion and accuracy in junior high school students (grades seven through nine) who were at risk for academic failure were investigated. A multiple baseline design across five participants was utilized. Follow-up data were collected approximately one month after CBC was completed, to assess maintenance over time. Four of the five students improved their completion rates during treatment. Accuracy rates increased during treatment, but to a lesser degree. At follow-up, three of the five students maintained or improved gains they made during treatment. One student who had not improved during treatment showed improvement at follow-up. Another student was unable to maintain the gains made during treatment. Strengths and limitations of the study are discussed. Implications for practice and suggestions for future research are also presented.