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First Advisor

Jerry Hudgins

Date of this Version

Summer 7-2022


A THESIS Presented to the Faculty of The Graduate College at the University of Nebraska In Partial Fulfillment of Requirements For the Degree of Master of Science, Major: Electrical Engineering, Under the Supervision of Professor Jerry Hudgins. Lincoln, Nebraska: July 2022

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The increase in rate of depletion of natural resources in the last decade as well as the increased global focus on climate change has made the transition to renewable resources of energy a priority for various countries and organizations across the globe. The sporadic nature of energy generated by photovoltaic systems and wind energy conversion systems has led to an increased utilization of more reliable hybrid renewable energy systems. A combination of both solar and wind energy-based power generations systems reduces the impact of seasonal variation on the amount of power generated and therefore, can be used under varying weather conditions.

This research aimed to design a 12kW hybrid photovoltaic-wind renewable energy system for utility scale implementation. The study provides a detailed description of various components required to create a grid-connected hybrid system. The proposed system constituted a 12.8kW PV array and a 12kW wind turbine, and the input solar and wind data were utilized for the region of Valentine in Nebraska. The selection and/or design procedure of various sub-components such as boost converter, permanent magnet synchronous generator, maximum power point tracking system, converters, etc. were also studied and elucidated in order to provide a detailed understanding of a small power hybrid generation system. The output voltage and power characteristics from the hybrid systems as well as wind and solar systems separately were generated and analyzed. Finally, a cost analysis of the hybrid system was conducted in order to calculate the payback period.

Advisor: Jerry Hudgins