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Catharine Maria Sedgwick: Critical Perspectives, edited by L. Damon-Bach & V. Clements, p. 295-313 (Northeastern University Press, 2002).


Copyright 2002, Northeastern University Press. Used by permission.


This two-part bibliography has been built by consulting the Bibliography of American Literature (BAL) and the bibliographies compiled by Sister Mary Michael Welsh ("Catharine Maria Sedgwick: Her Position in the Literature and Thought of Her Time up to 1860," Ph.D. diss., Catholic University of America, 1937) and Richard Ranus Gidez ("A Study of the Works of Catharine Maria Sedgwick," Ph.D. diss., Ohio State University, 1958); library cataloging records; and the personal records of Lucinda Damon-Bach and Melissa J. Homestead. In most cases, entries have been confirmed through books, periodicals, photocopies, or microfilm received through interlibrary loan. We were not able to track down every possible edition (or printing) of each work; foreign editions were especially difficult to acquire. The aim of these two lists is to provide the most comprehensive bibliography to date. We welcome additions and corrections for future editions of this volume.