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Kathleen Danker and Felix White, Sr. (1978). The Hollow of Echoes. Nebraska Curriculum Development Center, Lincoln, Nebraska.


Copyright © 1978 by Kathleen Danker and Felix White, Sr.


The Hollow of Echoes is the result of collaboration between Mr. Felix White, Sr. and myself. Mr. White, who resides in Winnebago, Nebraska, is knowledgeable in many areas of traditional Winnebago culture including language, history, legends and law. During the spring of 1973, he recounted to me a number of Winnebago legends of which I made recordings. I have incorporated these legends into a fictional account of a present-day Winnebago grandfather using the stories to instruct his grandchildren in traditional ways of viewing situations they encounter in their daily lives. Almost all of the views of the grandfather in the work are paraphrases of the recorded views and observations of Mr. White. The characters and plot are fictional, but intended to reflect aspects of the community of Winnebago, Nebraska as it appeared to me in the early 1970's when I lived there as a UY A-VISTA worker. Mr. White and I hope that The Hollow of Echoes will serve to preserve the legends it contains for the benefit of Winnebago students and other interested readers.