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Georges Bataille: Phenomenology and Phantasmatology. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2012. 352 p. Series: Cultural Memory in the Present.


Copyright 2012, Stanford University Press. Used by permission. Translated by Roland Végső.


Introduction, Subsidiary Developments to Georges Bataille: Phenomenology and Phantasmatology (Stanford University Press, 2012).

First paragraph:

The foreword to this study on Georges Baraille evokes a figurea phantasm, a scientific myth-whos.e analysis has become possible only now that this study has been completed. Like the eyes of Janus, the god of forewords, these subsidiary developments simultaneously glance in the direction of what is to come and look back ftom the results to the intention that occasioned the following arguments, in order to ascertain that this figure. which was a subjective 50urce of inspiration. did not receive a thematic treatment. The upcoming arguments. therefore. situate themselves between these two perspectives, in the narrow gap that divides the two masks of the double-faced god, on the arch of the gateway where it is written: Augenblick. moment, or blink of an eye.