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Diabesity 2018, Volume 4, Number 1: 1-4


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DOI: 10.15562/diabesity.2018.45


The gut microbiome is a complex, biochemically rich and essential component of the human metabolic system. It has been our understanding for very long that the gut microbes are primarily there to digest the undigested food (mainly fibers), get nourishment, and in return release metabolites helping host cells — short-chain fatty acids produced by gut microbes are a great source of energy for the colonocytes. It is only in the last decade, with advancements of DNA sequencing platforms, that we are lettered about the association between the gut microbial composition and metabolic disorders such as obesity, dysglycemia, dyslipidemia, and cardiovascular diseases. This creates a momentum to understand the factors shaping the composition of the gut-microbiome, nature of dysbiosis (perturbation of gut microbial composition) associated with human health and ways to modulate the gut microbiome to achieve the desired health benefits

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