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HardwareX 8 (2020)


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The determination of the thermal death kinetics of microorganisms has traditionally been performed with liquid baths which have some disadvantages such as liquid spillage and liquid infiltration into samples. The TDT Sandwich was developed as a free, open source alternative that utilizes dry heat. The system is capable of heating samples up to 140C and maintaining it within 0.2C of the target temperature. Other features of the TDT Sandwich include adjustable heating rates up to approximately 100C/min, real-time display and recording of temperature readings at a nominal rate of 5 Hz, an optional thermocouple for acquiring temperature of samples, built-in heating timer, and customizable operating parameters. The modular nature of the TDT Sandwich allows multiple units to be connected to a computer or laptop. Operation of the TDT Sandwich is done through a computer program which, along with the build instructions and microcontroller program,

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