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Saleem A, Ali Z, Yeh S-D, Saeed W, Binat Imdad A, Akbar MF, et al. (2021) Genetic variability and evolutionary dynamics of atypical Papaya ringspot virus infecting Papaya. PLoS ONE 16(10): e0258298. pone.0258298




Papaya ringspot virus biotype-P is a detrimental pathogen of economically important papaya and cucurbits worldwide. The mutation prone feature of this virus perhaps accounts for its geographical dissemination. In this study, investigations of the atypical PRSV-P strain was conducted based on phylogenetic, recombination and genetic differentiation analyses considering of it’s likely spread across India and Bangladesh. Full length genomic sequences of 38 PRSV isolates and 35 CP gene sequences were subjected to recombination analysis. A total of 61 recombination events were detected in aligned complete PRSV genome sequences. 3 events were detected in complete genome of PRSV strain PK whereas one was in its CP gene sequence. The PRSV-PK appeared to be recombinant of a major parent from Bangladesh. However, the genetic differentiation based on full length genomic sequences revealed less frequent gene flow between virus PRSV-PK and the population from America, India, Colombia, other Asian Countries and Australia. Whereas, frequent gene flow exists between Pakistan and Bangladesh virus populations. These results provided evidence correlating geographical position and genetic distances. We speculate that the genetic variations and evolutionary dynamics of this virus may challenge the resistance developed in papaya against PRSV and give rise to virus lineage because of its atypical emergence where geographic spread is already occurring.

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