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Journal of Food Science 50:1 (January 1985), pp. 256–257.

doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2621.1985.tb13323.x


Copyright © 1985 Institute of Food Technologists. Published by Wiley. Used by permission.


A survey of 53 samples of maraschino cherries from 14 different processors revealed that total sulfite residues averaged 52.3 ± 44.7 ppm. However, 58.5% of the samples had less than 40 ppm total SO2, while only 7.6% had greater than 120 ppm total SO2 indicating that the distribution was skewed in the direction of lower residue levels. Free sulfite residues in the 53 samples were considerably lower, averaging 14.2 ± 7.1 ppm. With free SO2 levels, 35.8% of the samples had less than 10 ppm free SO2, while only 5.7% had greater than 30 ppm free SO2. With an average serving size of one cherry (3–7 g), maraschino cherries would contribute only 0.16–0.37 mg per serving of total sulfites as SO2.