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Science, Vol. 15, No. 383 (Jun. 6, 1890), p. 347


A FRAGMENT of the 104-pound "meteorite" found in the northern part of Kossuth County has been examined by us, and we are perfectly well satisfied that it is not of meteoric origin at all. In outward appearance it is suspicious at first sight. The color is darker than that of the other pieces. There is no distinct crust, and no metal present. The gravity taken on a piece weighing about half a gram was 2.83, which is nearly a unit lower than that of the well-established specimens. Under the microscope the crushed mineral shows by reflected light a mass of colorless, transparent particles mingled with dark green particles resembling pyroxene. The analyses given below, together with the appearance of the chip furnished us, strongly suggest diorite or some closely allied rock.