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Iowa Geological Survey Annual Report, 1926; pp. 99-237.


Lucas county is in the south-central part of Iowa just east of a north and south line through the central part of the state and in the second tier of counties from the IowaMissouri line. Its position in this tier of counties is sixth east of Missouri river and also sixth west of Mississippi river. Warren and Marion counties are on the north, Monroe county is on the . east, Wayne county on the south and Clarke county on the west. It corners with Appanoose county on the southeast and with Decatur county on the southwest.

This is one of the smaller counties of the state and is rectangular in shape. It contains twelve congressional townships, with approximately 432 square miles or 276,480 acres.1 The twelve congressional townships are everywhere conterminous with the civil townships, each containing thirty-six sections, and comprise townships 71, 72 and 73 north and ranges 20, 21, 22 and 23 west of the Fifth Principal Meridian. The latitude and longitude of the Court House in Chariton, the county seat, are 41° 00' 55" N. and 93° 18' 22" W.

This county is underlain by formations of the Des Moines series of the Pennsylvanian system' arid' has become an important coal producing county in the last few years. It is served by main lines of the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific and the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy railroads.