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Reprinted from the Annual Report of the Nebraska State - Board of Agriculture for 1901.


Where there is a wide diversity of interests it is necessary for citizens, including farmers, mechanics, merchants, students, and professional men, to make constant reference to. the various authors of the state to learn what has been done and what has been written along the diverse lines of investigation in which they are interested. In response, then, to constant inquiry the following list of papers is prepared, being compiled from every available source. PaleontoIogical papers dealing mainly with the descriptions have not been included in every case. But the list of articles concerning our geography, physiography, stratigraphy, resources, water-supply, etc., is as nearly complete as limited time will allow. The authors are arranged alphabetically and in brief form for ready reference under the title Geological Bibliography of Nebraska, and in this connection it will be useful to those interested in natural history in general to note that a Botanical Biblography, and a Zoological Bibliography of Nebraska have a already been prepared by each of these departments.