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The George Eliot Review 20 (1989)


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I agreed to take over the post of Treasurer to the George Eliot Fellowship two years ago, and have thoroughly enjoyed this experience and I have learned a great deal about the art of book-keeping.

However, my commitments at school, in an ever changing world of education, are such that I felt that I must hand over the treasurer's position to someone who, hopefully, has a little more time to look after your accounts.

You will see from the Statement of Income and Expenditure that the finances of the Fellowship are in a satisfactory position.

The High Income Bond matured, and we opened a new Treasurer's Account which gives a much better rate of interest. We decided to close the No. 2 Account and transfer it to the new Treasurer's Account, in addition to £1,000 from the current account, leaving just enough to pay current running expenses. In this way our money is working for us more effectively - until, of course, the next project requiring our funds, and there are always plenty of these in the pipeline.

You will notice that we made a profit of £444.93 from our souvenir and book sales. This, of course, will be on-going, and apart from another purchase of new bookmarks, we shall be able to recoup our investment in these souvenirs quite profitably from now on.

We had a stocktake of the souvenirs stored by council members, but it is difficult to forecast how much money we can realise from these stocks of 311 mugs, 612 teatowels, 5,900 postcards and 114 bookmarks, as it is impossible to tell how many will be sold to the retail trade and how many to individuals, or indeed when they will be sold. The postcards will be with us for years, as they only sell in penny numbers.