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The George Eliot Review 22 (1991)


Published by The George Eliot Review Online https://GeorgeEliotReview.org


This publication, said to be 'the first book ever written about Meriden', has come to our attention because of 'The George Eliot Connection' and because it was researched and written by a member of the George Eliot Fellowship. The historical research, dating back to the Middle Ages, is very thorough, and there are numerous photographs, plans and maps. The prose is somewhat breathless, as if copious notes have been written up with great rapidity, and this impairs its clarity. There are some errors in proof: the Clarkes, not the Evanses, must have been living at The Cottage in 1850. The index has 'Royal Flying Corpse', and 'Morianne Evans' for George Eliot's proper name. It is misleading to use the French form, Marianne, as, according to Dr. Haight, she used this form only a few times while she was in Geneva after her father's death. Mary Ann Evans would be more appropriate for the index.