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The George Eliot Review 22 (1991)


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This year I write my annual greeting to the Fellowship between two very special occasions. Last June we celebrated in Westminster Abbey the Tenth Anniversary of the unveiling of the Memorial Stone. The occasion was made particularly memorable by the participation of Dean Edward Carpenter (now retired) who had taken such an active and positive part in the original installation of the stone. As on past occasions he gave a fascinating, scholarly and apparently quite spontaneous gem of a talk, for which we were and are most grateful.

The second special occasion, to which I am looking forward with what is usually known (wrongly I suspect) as keen anticipation, is the publication by OUP in September of Rosemary Ashton' s biography of George Henry Lewes. I much look forward to a considerable addition to the body of knowledge of my antecedents and expect a really worthwhile biography in the Haight tradition.