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Kathleen Adams

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The George Eliot Review 24 (1993) Published by The George Eliot Fellowship, http://georgeeliot.org/


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As I reach the end of my 25 years as Secretary of the Fellowship I inevitably look back to the beginning of my years of office and, as I prepared this report, to the first one I delivered 24 years ago. It covered half of a sheet of quarto paper. The events recorded were insignificant compared to our current programme but we did have Richard Church as our Guest of Honour at the Birthday Dinner in 1968. Our membership for that year had just reached 60, 7 of whom were life members.

1992 began, as always, with a quiet Annual General Meeting. The only thing of note that evening was the election of Dorothy Edmands as a Vice-President. Dorothy had completed 21 years on the Fellowship Council and had been devoted and supportive for all of that time.

The Parlour Performers, headed by Jonathan and Marjorie Ouvry, came to Nuneaton to help us raise funds in March. This time the funds were not for us; we were looking outward and supporting the Mayor's charity, Mencap, to whom we were able to donate £500.

A party of us attended the Annual General Meeting of the Alliance of Literary Societies on May 2nd in Birmingham. The Fellowship hosted the afternoon seminar and we gave a series of short talks on 'Building a Literary Society'. We discussed all aspects of our work and hoped that our experience would help those smaller societies still struggling to promote themselves and their author. Gabriel Woolf read for us and we were able to demonstrate what an asset he is to any literary society. As I sat back and listened to this list of our achievements, I felt a glow of pride in the Fellowship!