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Ruth Harris

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The George Eliot Review 27 (1996) Published by The George Eliot Fellowship, http://georgeeliot.org/


The George Eliot Review 2018 (27)


Silas Mamer, The Lifted Veil and Brother Jacob have formed a triple alliance ever since they were first published together at George Eliot's request in the Cabinet Edition of 1878. That the fellowship is far from uneasy is proved by Peter Mudford in his intelligent introduction to the Everyman Paperback edition where he shows that the three narratives are united by the common theme of alienation and exile. Mudford then examines each story in turn, discussing Brother Jacob after Silas Mamer because of features common to both, and then turning to The Lifted Veil which he calls 'the odd-ball of the three, lacking that affirmative power of sympathy which was the hallmark of George Eliot's humanist vision'. Signs of discomfiture with The Lifted Veil do not prevent him from making valid comments in an introduction which, though brief, is thoughtful and incisive.