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The George Eliot Review 28 (1997) Published by The George Eliot Fellowship, http://georgeeliot.org/


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The seventh annual dinner of the American branch was held at the I Matti restaurant in Washington, D.C. on 29 December 1996. There was no formal programme, but the traditional toast was offered and greetings were delivered from members who could not attend. Those present particularly appreciated the messages from Kathleen and Bill Adams and from Harriet Williams. While we enjoyed excellent Italian food, there was lively conversation about recent works on George Eliot, film versions of various nineteenth-century novels, and our own projects and recent reading. Those in attendance were Marjorie Goss, Shoshana Knapp, Lee Pierson, Meri-Jane Rochelson, Ed Smith, and Linda K. Robertson. Ed Smith volunteered to prepare a Special Session proposal on George Eliot for next year's Modern Language Association convention in Toronto.