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The George Eliot Review 34 (2003)


Published by The George Eliot Review Online https://GeorgeEliotReview.org


This enormously impressive history is the fruit of something like thirty-five years of work by William Baker and John Ross. They have brought together a huge and comprehensive body of bibliographical information, broken down into five main sections and two appenctixes. There are extensive entries and notes on the major works; minor literary works (novellas and poetry); essays and reviews; miscellaneous writing (unpublished works in publishable genres, compilations of short extracts, partly authored writings, unpublished autobiographical writings); collections and collected works (more poetry, essays, novels and complete works); and 'Eliotiana' (sequels, settings for songs from The Spanish Gypsy, collections of illustrations, non-literary writings subsequently published). The indexes alone, 'Works by George Eliot' and 'General Index', run to forty-five pages.

In the Introduction we learn, among other things, about editions, printings, issues and the states of issues, and how to translate a typical entry like' A5.4.a 2':