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The George Eliot Review 18 (1987)


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You will see from the Statement, which I hope is straightforward, that the finances of the Fellowship are in a satisfactory condition. In 1986 one of our High Income Bonds matured and was reinvested, together with £250 from the Snare Account, in a Capital Share 90 Account. This gives us a better rate of interest on our investment.

Profits on meetings, outing and sales are very encouraging. We prefer to raise money by our efforts rather than have to increase subscriptions and 1986 was a good year, with the result that subscriptions for this year remain the same as in the previous twelve months. The total profit, over 4 1/2 years, on writing paper amounted to £61. 22p. It has all been sold and we shall not be reordering.

We thank all members who have sent donations for the repair of the George Eliot graves in Highgate Cemetery. When the work has been completed we hope to have a little money in hand so that the graves can be kept in good condition.

I have not included any statement about the George Eliot Statue: it was paid for in 1985. You will recall that when all the bills for it were settled we had £6.80p remaining in the account. We now have £ 125.15p but we have "borrowed” from the General Fund £423. 50p to pay for half the cost of a second plaque for the Statue: the Borough Council has generously paid the other half. We are hoping to raise the money to repay this “loan”. On the 9th of May the Parlour Performers will be coming again to delight us with their entertainment. We look forward to this their second visit and hope that the event will be well supported. The proceeds will go towards the repayment of the money that we have borrowed from ourselves. Please come and help us.