Heather Hallen-Adams, Associate Professor of Practice
Food Science and Technology Department
Food Industry Complex
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Lincoln, Nebraska 68583-0919 United States

Research interests:
Fungal ecology in the context of gut health and food protection and production.
1. The role of fungi in the healthy human gut, including interactions between different species of gut fungi, interactions with bacteria, and interactions with the human host.
2. The potential for fungal probiotics to limit fungal disease in humans.
3. Cross-talk between a toxigenic fungus (Fusarium graminearum) and its plant host (wheat) during disease development.




Reduced genomic potential for secreted plant cell-wall-degrading enzymes in the ectomycorrhizal fungus Amanita bisporigera, based on the secretome of Trichoderma reesei, Subashini Nagendran, Heather E. Hallen-Adams, Janet M. Paper, Nighat Aslam, and Jonathan D. Walton



Gene family encoding the major toxins of lethal Amanita mushrooms, Heather E. Hallen-Adams, Hong Luo, John S. Scott-Craig, and Jonathan D. Walton