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The Greater Chaco Landscape: Ancestors, Scholarship, and Advocacy

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The Greater Chaco Landscape: Ancestors, Scholarship, and Advocacy, Edited by Ruth M. Van Dyke and Carrie C. Heitman. University Press of Colorado Louisville, 2021


© 2021 by University Press of Colorado


I. Introduction and History

1. The Greater Chaco Landscape Volume • Ruth M. Van Dyke and Carrie C. Heitman

2. Chaco Landscapes: A Personal Account • Stephen H. Lekson

II. Understudied Landscape Dimensions

3. Landscapes, Horticulture, and the Early Chacoan Bonito Phase • Thomas C. Windes and Carla R. Van West

4. Linear Cultural Alignments in the Western San Juan Basin (VIDEO ONLY) • Phillip Tuwaletstiwa and Michael P. Marshall

5. Rock Art in the Chaco Landscape • Dennis Gilpin

6. Enigmatic Rock Features: Shrines, Herraduras, Stone Circles, and Cairns on the Greater Chaco Landscape • Ruth M. Van Dyke

III. Indigenous Perspectives

7. Acoma (Haaku) Perspectives (VIDEO ONLY) • Ernest M. Vallo Jr.

8. Diné (Navajo) Perspectives (VIDEO ONLY) • William B. Tsosie Jr., with Denise Yazzie, Eurick Yazzie, and Tristan Joe

9. Hopi Perspectives (VIDEO ONLY) • Terrance Outah, Georgiana Pongyesva, and Ronald Wadsworth

10. A:shiwi (Zuni) Perspectives (VIDEO ONLY) • Octavius Seowtewa, Curtis Quam, and Presley Haskie

IV. Experiencing the Landscape

11. Viewscapes and Soundscapes • Ruth M. Van Dyke, Timothy De Smet, and R. Kyle Bocinsky

12. Night Skies (VIDEO ONLY) • G. B. Cornucopia

V. Geospatial Investigations and Big Data

13. LiDAR and 3-D Digital Modeling Reveal the Greater Chaco Landscape • Richard A. Friedman, Anna Sofaer, and Robert S. Weiner

14. The Impact of Digital Data Ecosystems on Our Understanding of the Greater Chacoan Cultural Landscape: Assessing Geospatial Information, Remote Sensing, and Aggregating Roads Data • Carrie C. Heitman and Sean Field

VI. Management

15. The Protection of Monuments and Landscapes in Britain: A Historical View • Julian Thomas

16. Protecting the Greater Chaco Landscape: Preservation and Advocacy • Paul F. Reed

VII. Conclusion

17. What Can Be Discovered from Chaco Archaeology? • Thomas R. Lincoln

Appendix A: Chaco Landscapes: Data, Theory, and Management (White Paper prepared for the USDI National Park Service, Denver, Colorado) (ONLINE ONLY) • Ruth M. Van Dyke, Stephen H. Lekson, and Carrie C. Heitman, with a contribution by Julian Thomas