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Spring 2013


Great Plains Research, Volume 23, Number 1. Spring 2013


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Aquatic Invertebrate Community Structure in the Niobrara River, Agate Fossil Beds National Monument, Nebraska, 1996-2009 — David E. Bowles, David G. Peitz, and J. Tyler Cribbs

Late Holocene Activation History of the Stanton Dunes, Northeastern Nebraska —Rebecca A. Puta, Paul R. Hanson, and Aaron R. Young

Relative Abundance of Northern Flying Squirrels and Red Squirrels in Different Forest Types, Black Hills, South Dakota — Melissa Hough and Charles Dieter

Accuracy of Antler Metrics in Predicting Age of White-Tailed Deer and Mule Deer — Casey W. Schoenebeck, Brian C. Peterson, and Jason A. Obermiller

Review of the Negative Influences of Non-Native Salmonids on Native Fish Species — Kelly C. Turek, Mark A. Pegg, and Kevin L. Pope

Roles of Perceived Control and Planning in Ranch Drought Preparedness — Tonya Haigh and Cody Knutson

Taking the Measure of a Mark: Exploratory Size and Shape Analysis of Cut Marks — Eileen Johnson, Patrick J. Lewis, and Leland C. Bement




Knopp, Lisa, What the River Carries: Encounters with the Mississippi, Missouri, and Platte — Reviewed by Eugene J. Zuerlein

Tomelleri, Joseph R. and Mark E. Eberle, Fishes of the Central United States — Reviewed by Timothy H. Bonner

Folley, Patricia, The Guide to Oklahoma Wildflowers— Reviewed by Barney Lipscomb

Zehner, Dzzie, Green Illusions: The Dirty Secrets of Clean Energy and the Future of Environmentalism— Reviewed by Jonathan Hladik

Wuthnow, Robert, Red State Religion: Faith and Politics in America's Heartland— Reviewed by James E. Sherow

Straubhaar, Joseph, Jeremiah Spence, Zeynep Tufekci, and Roberta G. Lentz, eds., Inequity in the Technopolis: Race, Class, Gender, and the Digital Divide in Austin — Reviewed by Anthony M. Drum

Howard, Heather A. and Craig Proulx, eds., Aboriginal Peoples in Canadian Cities: Transformations and Cantinuities — Reviewed by Bonita Lawrence

Miller, Robert J., Reservation "Capitalism": Economic Development in Indian Country— Reviewed by Gavin Clarkson

Cosens, Barbara and Judith V. Royster, eds., The Future of Indian and Federal Reserved Water Rights: The Winters Centennial— Reviewed by Lloyd Burton

Hayes, Derek, Historical Atlas of the North American Railroad — Reviewed by William G. Thomas

Lehr, John C., Community and Frontier: A Ukrainian Settlement in the Canadian Parkland— Reviewed by Jim Mochoruk