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Olson, Leah, Ariel Levi, Toan Nguyen, Francis Nzivugira, and Prema Vasudevan. Clarity. Undergraduate Honors Thesis. University of Nebraska–Lincoln. May 2023.


Copyright Leah Olson, Ariel Levi, Toan Nguyen, Francis Nzivugira, and Prema Vasudevan 2023


During the 2022-2023 academic year, Nelnet Consumer Services sponsored a Design Studio team with the project of developing Clarity, a centralized knowledge base solution for managing lender and loan program information. The Nelnet Consumer Services segment of Nelnet is a full-service originator and servicer of private educational and personal loan products. When customers have questions about loan programs, they are directed to Nelnet call center agents who must find the answers among a large number of spreadsheets, work guides, questionnaires, and documents. Not only do all these sources of information make it difficult to find loan program information, but they also force Nelnet associates to update information in multiple locations, leaving the company vulnerable to quality errors. As a solution, our team developed Clarity, a web application that consolidates loan program information and provides a single source of truth for loan program information. Clarity has the potential to improve the experience of Nelnet associates by allowing lender information to be accessed easily and decreasing the cost of maintenance.